This seminar gives great practical training for those who want to have and become a spiritual father or mother. Learn scriptural principles for practical discipleship, coaching, and mentoring, including mistakes to avoid and how to build healthy, authentic relationships. This seminar includes the option of a time for discussion and personal ministry and can be for a whole day, or it can be for a few hours depending on the need. You can choose the topics that you feel are needed most.

Designed for

  1. Those who want to learn about spiritual fathering and mothering
  2. Those who have a desire for spiritual parents in their own lives
  3. Those who want to become spiritual parents
  4. Small group leaders and assistant leaders
  5. Church leadership
  6. Church staff

Topics to choose from

  • The Restoration of Spiritual Fathering and Mothering
  • Hindrances to Spiritual Parenting
  • What Does a Spiritual Father or Mother Look Like?
  • How Does Spiritual Parenting Work Practically?
  • Fathering Within Your Field
  • Is God Calling You to Become a Spiritual Parent?

Seminar manuals

Seminar manuals designed for easy note-taking are available.

For more information contact the DOVE office or call 717-627-1996..