I am taking a break from my regular blog on leadership this week to share with you on a more personal basis. My father was taken to the emergency room on Sunday and we were informed by the physicians that he has stomach complications, which will force him into a nursing care facility near our home for therapy and possible treatment in the near future for the next season of his life. This is an extremely hard time for me. My dad is an amazing man and much of what God has given to me is due to the life-long sacrifice of my father and mother. In fact, they ran a business until a few weeks ago (at 85 and 87) and are now facing a whole new chapter in their lives. They have been a life-long encouragement to me. It is a gift that I have received that many have not experienced. I thank God for the legacy I have received from my parents. As the oldest son in the family, there are very difficult decisions that need to be made as my sister Linda and I serve together in this process. Thanks to so many of you for your prayers and support.