The nature of vision is beyond reality. That’s why it is called vision; it is forward thrusting, compelling, and pulling us into the future of what the Lord has for us. You must wait for it, and take the time needed to formulate a clear mental portrait of where God is taking you (Hab. 2:1-4). Even if it takes a long time for it to become a reality, patience waits until the timing is right. Impatience has resulted in the premature birth of many visions—before they are developed properly or fully.

Every business, every ministry, every church and every team needs a compelling vision. Our church’s vision statement at DOVE Christian Fellowship International where I serve is, “To build a relationship with Jesus, with one another, and transform our world from house to house, city to city, nation to nation.” Vision articulated clearly and carefully will build trust among the people because it is something they can believe in. People will follow and embrace the vision as their own if they feel they are being led to a better future.

If we ever try driving our car by looking at the line alongside the road, we quickly find ourselves off the road! To drive the car effectively, we have to look ahead—to where the car is heading. Vision is where the organization or church is going.

If leaders are only interested in their personal vision being fulfilled by those within their realm of authority and responsibility, it will not be long until people feel used or taken advantage of. Wise leaders recognize that the process of sharing vision, building trust, and taking enough time for God’s people to own the vision is as important as the vision itself.

Prayer and vision go hand-in-hand. Prayer keeps us current with God’s direction in our lives. Unity comes from praying together. Prayer is a powerful means of supporting each other and a spiritually bonding experience. Remember the disciples who were disputing about what position they would have in the kingdom? They all dropped their desires for position and their ambitions in the prayer meeting in the upper room at the day of Pentecost. When a team comes together in prayer, it dissipates personal agendas and helps everyone focus on what God’s agenda is for the team. Vision that is birthed in prayer is seldom second-guessed later.