This past weekend we remembered the lives lost September 11, 2001 – known as 9/11, the day that changed the world. Horrible as that day was, I encourage you to gain a new perspective by focusing on what I call a parallel reality found in Amos 9:11, which reads: “On that day I will restore the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down, and repair its damages; I will restore its ruins, and rebuild it as it used to be.”

This verse reflects God’s desire to restore all that has been lost. Our God is a God of restoration. He loves to repair and rebuild. Four times in this verse words like restore, rebuild and repair are used.

David’s tabernacle was known as a place of experiencing the presence and worship of God. But the fire had gone out, and the tabernacle was in ruins. Amos, the prophet, spoke a clear message from God in Amos 9:11; “I WILL RESTORE!”

Now is the time to trust our God to restore all that the enemy has stolen from us! Our God will restore “the years the locusts have eaten” (Joel 2:25). We only need to trust Him. He began a good work in our lives, our family, our church, our workplace, and in our community, and He will complete what He has started … regardless of what we are experiencing presently! If you are grieving a loss in your life, your vision, your family, your church, your workplace, or in your community, I encourage you to take the Amos 9:11 promise and apply it personally.

Even when we feel faithless, He remains faithful! (II Timothy 2:13) We can trust Him! If you feel as if you have run out of faith in an area of your life, our God will give you a gift of faith to meet this area of need.

May the numerals “9:11” have new meaning for you from this day forward; may it speak of God’s promise for restoration!

On a personal note, it was refreshing for me to be with all of our friends at Bethel Church in Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA this past weekend. They are committed to experiencing both the presence of God and restoration.