I read the book of Acts again this week. Love that book of the Bible! I remember saying years ago, “When you read the book of Acts, everywhere Paul and the apostles went there was either a revival or riot.”

There was no time in the early church for boring religious tradition. They knew that God had a new plan for them each day. They simply asked Him and listened. God spoke to them clearly. There was never a dull moment.

Today, we see a few come to Christ… but in the book of Acts, people came to faith in Christ every day (Acts 2:47). Today, we love to listen to stories of miracles… but in the book of Acts, they lived a life of miracles. Today, we build nice modern church buildings…but in the book of Acts, they met everywhere, including their homes. Today, we focus on having strategy meetings… but in the book of Acts, they had hours of prayer and all night prayer meetings. Today, we try to keep people in our churches… but in the book of Acts, they sent them out everywhere to start new churches.

It is nearly 2000 years since the book of Acts was written. Join me in taking a new step of obedience and faith, and let’s expect those of our generation to say about us, “Those who have turned the world upside down have come here also!” (Acts 17:6) Let’s expect both revival and riots.