A farmer in Thailand will plant a bamboo seedling and will not see any growth for the first year. He will patiently continue to water and tend the seedling for the next three years. Then suddenly, in the fifth year, the bamboo tree will begin to grow. In fact, it will develop so rapidly that it will shoot up to two-and-one-half feet each day for six weeks until it reaches some ninety feet in height! Although he could not see it with the human eye, the past four years the tree was developing an underground root system, many miles long, beneath the surface. It now has a foundation established to provide for the significant growth that would eventually occur.

2012 is a year for you to experience God-given dreams and visions you received years ago. They will spring forth rapidly this year. But the foundation of the past years built through the difficult seasons of life, are what have prepared you for what you are about to experience.

When Caleb turned 85 he declared, “I was 40 when Moses sent me to explore the land…and I am still as strong today as the day Moses sent me out…Now give me this mountain that the Lord promised me.” (Joshua 14). And the Lord used Joshua to honor Caleb and gave him his mountain. His years of faithfulness had paid off. Caleb refused to get bitter when Moses chose Joshua to be the leader of Israel and seemed to miss Caleb who had served faithfully with integrity. God was building within Caleb a strong spiritual foundation. His time had come.

What is your God-given mountain to take in 2012? What are the dreams and visions you have received from the Lord? You may have been faithfully serving and waiting for years, but the time has come. Join me this year as we take the mountains that Lord has set before us. And let us continue to allow the Lord to build His foundation in us to prepare us for even greater things.