The Scriptures speak in Isaiah 54:2 of lengthening our cords and strengthening our stakes (NIV). There is a leadership application here for us to experience. Some of us are created to be lengtheners and some of us are born strengtheners.

Lengtheners are often visionary leaders who want to see their influence and their teams grow and expand, while strengtheners have a vision to help the team and people grow deeper and become better at what they are doing. Both are needed on a team for it to be effective. I used to think that every leader thought like me! I was wrong. I have learned to appreciate others on the team who are different from me. The key is interdependence. I have found that most persons are strengtheners, but understanding who you are on a team will cause the team to be so much more effective. We need each other.

Walt Disney and his brother Roy worked together as a team. Walt was the dreamer and Roy the practical one in their partnership. Roy did not always like the great ideas of Walt, but he loved Walt and believed in him. Walt knew he couldn’t do what Roy did, and Roy knew he couldn’t do what Walt did. So they submitted to each other’s area of expertise and worked together, ultimately for the benefit of the ideas and the benefit of their audience.

If God has given you ideas for ministry or business, look for your Roy. It may not be one person—your Roy may be several people or even a whole board of directors. But the relationship will work only if the people you bring in to perform that role are there because they want to see your ideas succeed—want to see you succeed. If on the other hand, God has made you a Roy, look for your Walt. Look for someone with creative giftings and calling. That person needs you.

I am a blessed man. The Lord has placed around me an amazing team of leaders who are much different than I am, and who have wisdom and God-given abilities that I do not have. But we are a team, and serving with this team is one of the joys of my life.