God spoke clearly to us this week about being “properly aligned.” More than 300 Christian leaders from fifteen nations met in Maryland to hear from our God together.  And the word of the Lord was clear: “alignment.”

Jesus did nothing by himself. He only did what He saw his father doing (John 5:19). He was aligned to the will of His heavenly father. We are called to do the same.

We also need to be aligned to the right people. My friend Philip Omondi, a pastor from Mysore in India told me a few years ago, “God connects the right people to the right people for the right purpose.” We must be aligned with the right people to be most effective.

Nothing is more painful than a spine out of alignment. But when the spine comes into alignment, the pain is gone. When we are properly aligned with God and aligned with the right people, pain and stress turn into grace and blessing.

There are times that God repositions his players on the field so they can be properly aligned to fulfill His purposes. My prayer for you is that you will receive grace from heaven today to be properly aligned to your God and to his people for maximum effectiveness in His kingdom. Remember, God connects the right people to the right people for the right purpose.