A few weeks ago, I spoke at a conference in Taiwan, where one of the leaders told the crowd: “The Nineteenth Century was the century for Europeans to take the gospel to the nations, the Twentieth Century was the century for Americans to take the gospel to the nations, but the Twenty-First Century is the century for Asians to take the gospel to the nations.” He may be correct. Or, perhaps, Latin America or Africa or another continent may be the one that storms the nations with the Gospel. Regardless, the world needs Jesus. We all need to learn from the Lord and from one another clear kingdom strategies that result in millions of our generation coming to know and follow Jesus.

We do not need to be a prophet to know we live in turbulent times. But the Bible is clear, “… when the enemy comes in like a flood, our God will raise up a standard against him” (Isaiah 59:19). We are called to be that standard. So as a skilled kayaker prepares himself to face turbulent waves, we also, need to prepare for the tempestuous ride ahead.

Jesus lived on planet earth 2000 years ago during very turbulent times. He seized the opportunity to build a spiritual kingdom in the midst of a crazy world. His secret was that He only did what he saw his Heavenly Father doing (John 5:19). Jesus was committed to kingdom strategies and the results were amazing. The dead were raised, the sick were healed and a company of radical disciples were chosen and trained in three years. Jesus and his disciples literally transformed the world. Each day Jesus applied kingdom strategies and taught his disciples to do the same. Jesus did not bring religion; he brought us relationship, community and power. Lord, give us grace to do the same!