Did you ever wake up on a holiday and find your alarm ringing in the morning at its normal time? You wake up and tell yourself you have to go to work, and then you realize, “This is a holiday! I can sleep in!” You awaken to the truth.

The Bible tells us to “awake to righteousness” (1 Cor. 15:34a NKJ). Righteousness, which means being right with God through faith in Christ, has nothing to do with how we feel at the moment. It has everything to do with our complete dependence on Jesus Christ who alone makes us righteous, as we trust Him by faith. When we believe in him who raised Jesus Christ from the dead, the bible tells us we are made righteous through faith! (Romans 4:24) This is an awesome revelation!

Tell yourself the truth: “I am a man or woman of God! I can go to work and enjoy it! I can share my faith! I can love my parents! I can raise a family for the Lord, regardless of my present circumstances! I can take a step of faith! I will get out of debt! I will be victorious over sin! I will fulfill my God-given destiny! I am righteous through faith in Jesus Christ today!” We awaken to the God-given truth that we can live righteously and victoriously by the grace of God. We “Awake to righteousness.”

Either we trust God and receive His righteousness by faith, or we get religious trying to repay God with our good works for our sins and mistakes. There are many in mental hospitals today that are religious people who have not experienced true righteousness that comes by faith. Righteousness through faith in Christ is the only way to experience true freedom. Awake to righteousness today!