Last weekend I had the privilege of ministering to five hundred men at an “Iron Sharpens Iron” conference in Champaign, Illinois. I challenged the men that regardless of the emotional pain from their pasts, they are called by God to become spiritual fathers to a younger generation that desperately needs fathers. Man after man met me one-on-one after I spoke and told me of a “spiritual father” who had helped him grow when he was at a point of crisis. Now those men want to do the same for others.

Yesterday I heard about a move of God in Japan where thousands of Japanese are coming to Christ and being discipled by spiritual fathers and mothers at a new church in Tokyo. I continue to hear reports of thousands of Muslims, who live in countries closed to the gospel, who are coming to Christ and who are discipling the next generation of believers coming after them. You probably will not hear about this move of God on CNN or even read about it in Charisma Magazine because it is so underground, but it is happening one person at a time.

This weekend I am with some of my dear friends who live in two different cities in California. We are learning together what it means to become true spiritual fathers and mothers to those whom the Lord brings into our lives and what church looks like in our generation.

We live in exciting times. I found out this week that a pastor friend who lives in Watertown, Massachusetts lives just a few blocks from where they found the Boston bomber in a boat. One of his church members was the next-door neighbor to the owner of the boat.

Who knows what will happen in your neck of the woods tomorrow? Be alert! Stay focused on the Lord and on his purposes—loving people, one person at a time.