Just over a week ago, 20,000 believers met in Hong Kong for a holy convocation. YWAM’s Lynn Green called it “Indescribable.” He said, “There were three sessions a day and the Chinese believers who made up the vast majority of this event lined up about 10-abreast for over a mile before every session.“

The Church in China has grown from less than a million believers to somewhere between 100 and 200 million. But isolation was the dominant theme and the churches multiplied in quite separate streams. When a measure of communication became possible, the divisions between them were very deep. The vast majority of the believers were in five networks of “underground churches” and, as the restrictions eased somewhat, they did not fellowship together. But during the past year, these five streams have begun to communicate and come together in forgiveness and love.

Lynn and his team knelt and bowed on the stage at the convocation and acknowledged the injustices forced upon China by the British Empire and also by the Eight-Nation Alliance in the early 20th century. Lynn said, “The observable response was weeping and mutual bowing and deep expressions of gratitude. The “Five Fathers” (of these underground church movements) received their statement and, as the days went by, God dealt with the deep pain between the Asian nations, especially the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. The arena was filled with anguished wailing as the emotions that defy words surfaced in thousands of people. Periods of anguish were followed by forgiveness, repentance and healing. Then, divine love filled the building and gratitude found voice in worship and praise. “

There is a lesson to be learned from our Asian brothers and sisters. When we humble ourselves, and come together in unity, our God promises to command his blessing on us (Psalm 133).

LaVerne and I plan to leave tomorrow morning for Uganda for a week, meeting with Christian leaders from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, and South Africa. Then we fly to Kenya for another week meeting with African leaders and then return to the USA. Three days later, I plan to fly to Malaysia to minister to Asian leaders for a week. And everywhere I go, I am expecting to find humility, unity, and commanded blessing.