Fifteen years ago while on a trip to East Africa, I met Davis. He was in his early 20s and had just received Christ and was being discipled by my friend Ephraim from Uganda. Ephraim was starting a church in Kampala Uganda at that time and was looking to my friend and church planter Ibrahim from Nairobi Kenya for some spiritual oversight and encouragement. Ibrahim had asked me to do the same for him a few years before.

Yesterday LaVerne and I visited Davis and his wife Grace at their home in Uganda. I was amazed at what God had done through them! They oversee a church they started a few years ago that has grown to a few hundred people, recently trained fifty future church leaders, built a functioning orphanage, a functioning clinic and children’s school, are now overseeing twenty churches with the expectation that they will oversee twenty more by the end of the year. They also operate a goat and vegetable farm, and are working with the community to pool their local resources to give micro-finance loans for new businesses. They are also starting a vocational training school in the near future. Their community is being transformed.

The Bible tells us to find faithful men (and women) who will train others who will train others (II Tim. 2:2), and the pattern continues with exponential growth and blessing. It really works! Davis and Grace told me that they learned to do these things from their spiritual parents Ephraim and Jova. Davis had been a young disciple, then a cell group leader, a youth leader, an elder, a church planter, and now oversees church leaders as an apostolic leader. They now pour their lives into others. They are a model of spiritual fathering and mothering!

Ask the Lord for a spiritual son or daughter today who will carry a double portion of God’s anointing like Elisha received from Elijah! This truth is so simple, yet so profound. It is the Jesus model. Let’s together live the kingdom, and transform our world!