It is so easy to fall into the trap of spiritual old age—apathetic, pessimistic and lethargic. I once heard Bob Mumford describe three signs of spiritual old age.

1 – Carrying burdens that are not ours: We become a victim by carrying offenses and burdens we have assumed from others. We do not have grace from God to carry offenses for others.

2 – Absence of resiliency in our lives: We feel unable to “spring back” or to get back up after battling discouragement and defeat.

3 – Lack of expectancy in our lives. We become critical of ideas we have tried that did not work for us. We tell ourselves, “That idea will never work, I already tried it.”

Some department stores sell a large, tall toy on a heavy base. When you push it over, it always pops back up. That’s the way God wants us to be as Christians. He also wants us to be resilient and expectant, like a mature eagle that has gone through the molting process and came through renewed like a young eagle. The scriptures promise us that our youth will be renewed like the eagle (Psalm 103:5).

The older I get, the more I find myself needing to tell myself the truth and take bold steps of faith. But young or old, each of us needs to make a daily choice— obedience. We need to make a decision to tell ourselves the truth: “I will not listen to the lies of the enemy! If I fall, I will get up in Jesus’ name, and move on with my God.”

Regardless of our age, let us guard ourselves against falling into the trap of spiritual old age. Take a step of faith today and see what God does through you. Live the kingdom and transform your world.