I love the story of former TV anchorman Tom Brokaw. As he wandered through Bloomingdale’s department store in New York City shortly after he was promoted to co-host on the Today Show, Brokaw noticed a man watching him closely. When the man approached him, Brokaw was certain the man was about to compliment him for reaching the pinnacle of success after years of work, first in Omaha, then for NBC in Los Angeles and Washington. The man pointed his finger and asked, “Tom Brokaw, right?”

“Right,” answered Brokaw.

“You used to do the morning news on KMTV in Omaha, right?”

“That’s right,” said Brokaw, expectant of the accolades to follow.

“I knew it the minute I spotted you,” the fellow said. Then he paused and asked, “Whatever happened to you?”

Being humbled causes us to remember from where the Lord has brought us. If we exalt ourselves, God will humble us. Conversely, if we humble ourselves before the Lord, God will exalt us in due time (I Peter 5:6).

I was a chicken farmer forty years ago. I am still amazed that God has called me to be a Christian leader who travels across the globe training leaders. It is all by God’s grace. The Lord has blessed us by placing amazing humble people in our lives who have opened doors for us, supported us, and stood with us. And now, we have the privilege of doing the same for others.

I like how Rick Warren says it, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself—but thinking of yourself less.”