When I received Jesus Christ as my Lord at age 18, I was hungry to receive training from those who had been walking with God for years before me. I took in every local church Bible School and Training School I could find. I devoured teaching from Christian leaders who had paved the way before me. I never regretted it.

Throughout my life, I have found it so important to continue to learn and receive training. I started studying for my Master of Ministry Degree with a concentration on leadership at Southwestern Christian University at age 58 and graduated at age 60. I loved it! We are never too old to learn.

The Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 10:10, “Using a dull ax requires great strength, so sharpen the blade. That’s the value of wisdom; it helps you succeed.” Living life makes us dull spiritually, and we need to be resharpened again and again to stay effective.

There are many ways to be resharpened. Reading books is a great place to start. But I find sitting under anointed Christian leaders who are ministering from their personal experience to be a powerful way to continue to prepare us for a lifetime of ministry and service and help us grow to expand the Kingdom of God.

There are many good leadership and ministry training schools today, but personally, I highly recommend the DOVE Leadership and Ministry School. Starting in September, the school is held one weekend each month for nine months. Students are taught practical Christian leadership and ministry by anointed leaders from around the world who minister from the scriptures and from their personal experiences.

It is a privilege for me personally to teach in this school. It is a true kingdom school, jointly sponsored by two Christian movements: DOVE International and the Hopewell Network. Pray about getting resharpened spiritually starting this September. Join us live here in Pennsylvania or from a remote campus location by streaming video somewhere in the world. Check out https://dcfi.org/training/ for more details. You will be glad you did!