Samuel is my translator in Indonesia this week. He had been abandoned by his father and was a Buddhist at age 15, searching for God. Jesus appeared to Him one day. The Lord told him of His great love for him and he came to Christ. A few years later he was in a Christian meeting and an American speaker came to minister, but the translator never showed up. The Lord gave Samuel the English language instantly and he translated that night and hundreds of times since. Seriously! He could not speak one word of English before God instantly supernaturally gave him the English language.

We live in a natural world, but let’s never forget, we are connected to a supernatural God. The Bible tells us, “Those who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God” (Rom. 8:14). That’s each of us who have received Christ! Let’s live expectantly today.

A friend told me this morning he was asleep on a bus and someone stole his electronic bible organizer. He asked the bus driver to stop the bus. My friend used the bus microphone telling everyone on the bus what happened, and he is asking the thief to return it to him. A few minutes later, the digital device was returned. The man sitting next to him was a Muslim and asked him, “How did you know the thief was still on the bus?” “The Lord told me,” he replied. The Muslim then said, “I sense the Lord is on this bus.” Within the next few minutes my friend led this man to faith in Christ.

We serve a supernatural God. Let’s expect we will hear His voice and experience his supernatural work through our lives today.

On a personal note, my luggage that was supposed to follow me to Indonesia yesterday and ended up in Bangkok Thailand was returned this morning. The Lord even looks out for our luggage when we trust Him.