God has not forgotten your dreams. He is working behind-the-scenes in ways you do not see. God sees a beautiful diamond inside each of us, but it takes time for Him to cut out the impurities in our lives so that we can reflect Jesus.

Sometimes the refining process feels as if it’s taking too long for a dream to be fulfilled, but God is as much concerned about the process as He is about the end result. Many times we miss what God is trying to teach us in the process because we are so focused on wanting instant gratification.

Life is filled with seasons. The Bible says, “As long as the earth remains, there will be seasons” (Genesis 8:22). I would never think of swimming in a lake during our cold Pennsylvanian winters. In the summertime, my snow shovel is put away until the winter season piles snow on my driveway. God appoints seasons of preparation for us, and seasons when our dreams come to pass. Fulfillment of our dreams is dependent on God’s timing.

Regardless of what you are going through, it is just for a season. If you are in an exciting spring season in your life, family, ministry or business, make the most of a time filled with fresh vision and blessing. If you are in a summer season of hard work and harvest, relish the growth! If you find yourself in a fall or winter season, when life seems to be fading or requires a cold drudge through the wilderness, keep trusting in the One who created all seasons for a purpose. Don’t choose to waste your season. What you learn in the dark will help you live in the light.