When we first realized that our youngest daughter, Leticia, needed glasses, she was eight or nine years old. Although she stood only a few feet from the kitchen clock, she asked for the time. We responded, “Can’t you see the time? It is right in front of you!”

She protested, “But, it’s blurry and unclear.” We immediately knew that our daughter needed glasses. When Leticia put on her new glasses, she felt like she was a part of a whole new world! Amazed, she said, “So this is what it is like to truly see!”

This is much like our personal walk with the Lord. We so often “see” with a blurred vision. When we have the correct “prescription,” we walk in a manner that is fitting to a child of God. The correct “prescription” is found in the scriptures. When we become familiar with the scriptures, in moments of seeming silence from the Lord we can say, “I know who Jesus is; therefore, I know who I am! So I will walk in a manner befitting the royalty and righteousness of God.” This is a game changer!

Let’s hear Him speak to us by what He reveals through His character, which extends to each of us. His unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness and righteousness is free and alive within us. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey with Christ, God sees the beauty of Jesus in you. The key is for you to see it for yourself and to walk in a manner befitting a child of the King!