This week I am finishing up co-writing my first book with my wife, LaVerne: “When God Seems Silent.” We all go through times when God seems to be silent, and it is often during these times that he is doing his greatest work in our lives.

We have found that when we are really serious about listening to Him, we can expect an answer from the Lord. The scriptures tell us, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” (Prov. 16:9). But sometimes it takes a while to walk through the process. We call it the journey.

Look back over your life and see how the Lord has directed your steps. Sometimes God speaks by placing a desire or burden in our hearts that we know would not be from anyone else but God. We just have a certain intuitive conviction that gives us faith. And then we begin to test it by taking a step of faith, and we find God to be faithful. At other times, it seems to take much longer.

Rest assured that you will find “grace in the wilderness” and learn to recognize that inner voice that you have come to know as God’s voice. His voice is one of love and concern for your well-being. Listen and learn for the ways in which He speaks to you. He is preparing you today for his purposes tomorrow. So for today, let’s embrace the journey.