Years ago I learned the importance of building a healthy team. Teamwork is the ability to work together toward the fulfillment of a desired outcome without the loss of any team member’s individuality. God has always emphasized the importance of building teams. Jesus built a team and Paul the apostle built a team. Teamwork is demonstrated for us in the way the Father, Son and Holy Spirit work together as one, yet each has his own role. The early church appointed elders to work together “in every town” (Titus 1:5). They served as a team.

Some leaders think, “If only I had a more experienced and mature team, then we could move ahead.” But at the same time, the team may be thinking, “If only our leader were a better leader, we could really go somewhere!” Healthy teamwork creates a culture whereby each team member is vital to the team’s success and each one is honored in his or her distinctive role.

If you are building a team, do not look for people who have gifts and abilities like yours. Find those who have the strengths you lack. Learn to resource your weaknesses. God recognizes each team member as valuable. Each person on the team has something unique to offer, and his or her differing gifts round out the mix. God places people on teams who are often much more gifted than the leader.

I serve with various teams of leaders from around the world, and these team members are amazing. Many of these leaders are much more gifted than I am. Some are better at counseling than I am, others more gifted in administration and finances, while others are better at problem solving. And this is the way it should be. I am a blessed man.