Insecure people, especially leaders, often want and need control. Feeling insecure, they search for and seek out opportunities to make themselves look important. Their ego is their driving force. Because they do not feel secure in the vision and direction they are going, they start to push and make something happen to somehow “save face” for their identity and reputation.

God did not design a position or ministry for our own needs to be met, but to help meet the needs of others.  If we use a position or ministry that God has given to us in the workplace, the church, or in our families for a purpose that God did not intend for it to be used, we become blinded by our insecurities. We become dysfunctional.

How you react to those who rebel against your authority—whether it is your kids, employees, team members or church members—will tell how secure you are. Aaron and Miriam criticized Moses regarding the leadership decisions that He was making (Numbers 12). They were jealous of Moses and did not fear God or respect God’s prophet. This allowed a spirit of rebellion to come into their lives. Moses was secure enough as a leader to react in kindness to their act of rebellion. He did not defend himself. Instead he went to God, and God defended him. What’s more, Moses implored God to remove the punishment of leprosy from Miriam. This was a test that Moses passed.

The reality of leading others is that mistakes will be made but leaders who are secure in Christ realize that failure is only an event, not who they are. Let’s purpose in our hearts to follow the example of Moses, and refuse insecurity and find our security in the Lord.