A friend of mine stepped onto an elevator in Washington DC some years ago, and to his surprise, there stood Billy Graham the renowned evangelist. He only had a split second to ask Mr. Graham one quick question, “Mr. Graham, if you were a young man like me, what word of advice would you have?”

The evangelist looked at him with the sincerity that has marked his life and said, “Read the Bible and get to know the Word of God.” The evangelist had learned, after walking with the Lord for many years, that the best way to know God is to know His Word.

John 6:63 teaches us, “The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.” Many Christians today find themselves dried up spiritually because they have not taken God’s Word as spirit and life. The Bible is not just a set of good principles and historical facts; it is life to us! As we meditate on His Word, we build a relationship with Him. He speaks to us through His Word.

LaVerne and I visited the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina a few days ago, and were again made aware of Billy’s obedience to the Lord and his godly influence throughout the world over so many years. Billy was once asked, “If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?” “I would spend more time in prayer and in studying the Bible,” he said. Note to self. Let’s take his advice and expect the Lord to use each of us to change our worlds as we spend more time in prayer and in his Word.