We live in a spiritual world. The devil often lies to us; he is the father of all lies (John 8:44). Probably the devil has lied to you. Maybe he told you that you can’t help yourself because the problems that you deal with are the same kind of problems and tendencies that you see in your parents or ancestors. The truth is this: You may have been stuck with these tendencies before you received Jesus into your life, but when you were born again, things changed. You have a new Father in heaven.

Your new Father in heaven has not been struggling with cancer or migraine headaches or temper tantrums or heart problems or whatever else may have “grown” into your family tree. Your new Father in heaven will set you free from every curse in your ancestry.

Many times people “prophesy” over us in negative ways. Parents tell their children, “You’re just like your dad; you have his bad temper.” Or, “You’ll never amount to anything.” We can break these negative “prophesies” in the name of Jesus Christ. God loves you. He cares about you. That is why He went to the cross, so that all of our insecurities and fears and all those curses from past generations can be broken.

God wants to give us good gifts. James 1:17 tells us, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father…” He is a good Heavenly Father. And He has good plans for your life! Refuse the devil’s lies and confess the truth of the God’s Word. It will change your life!