During the second half of the nineteenth century many Welsh Christians felt the need for a spiritual awakening. They prayed privately and in churches, asking God for revival. God used a twenty-six-year-old Methodist, Rev. Humphrey Jones and another pastor, David Morgan, who worked together in ministry to influence this revival.

Beginning at 5:00 A.M. every day, even in the busiest days of harvest…people lined the roads for a half mile in all directions. Young and old came and, in a very orderly way, prayed, praised, and worshiped. Prayer meetings were held each night….The revival fire and blessings spread from church to church among all denominations, into outlying villages and other counties. A tremendous work of God spread through the men working in the huge state quarries. Revival spread like a belt of fire encircling the mountains.

A few years ago, I joined thousands of Korean youth in a stadium in Seoul Korea who were praying all night for another visitation of the Lord’s Spirit like the revival of more than one hundred years ago that spread from Wales to India to Korea. “Lord, send rain in our generation!”

Great moves of God are always preceded by prayer and obedience. In Acts 2:41 we read that the Lord added three thousand to the church. As the early believers kept praying, multitudes were added to the early church (see Acts 5:1). The early church was a praying church and experienced exponential growth. May we experience the same!