We need a healthy dose of “God’s grace” in our lives every single day. John, the apostle, tells us that grace and truth came through Jesus Christ (John 1:17). Jesus has already granted us grace for our salvation. He is now waiting for us to acknowledge Him and experience His grace (divine energy) every minute of every day!

When we speak, we should say things that build people up as we impart grace into their lives. Words of encouragement will minister the grace of God to those around us. When you thank your spouse, your parents, or another family member, you are ministering the grace of God to them. Thank your boss for his oversight at work. You are ministering the grace of God. Maybe you are a boss. Give encouragement to those who work for you. You are ministering the grace of God to them.

I challenge you to encourage those the LORD has placed around you today and minister grace to them. Encourage your leaders and thank them for what they have done. The book of Acts tells us that “much grace” was on the apostles (Acts 4:33). This same grace is available to each of us. The grace of God should be the underlying attitude in everything we say and do. And don’t forget to minister grace to yourself, as you encourage yourself with words of grace and truth.