Aren’t you glad everyone is not wired like you? If we were all alike, the world would be boring. God keeps our world in balance by giving each of us natural talents and pleasure in doing what needs to be done for the good of everyone around us. Many types of gifts and abilities are needed.

Genesis 4:20-22 tells us that Jabal was the father of those who raised cattle. His brother Jubal was the father of all the musicians who played the lyre and pipe. His half-brother Tuabal-Cain forged instruments made of bronze and iron. They were all different with specific gifts, talents and callings from the Lord.

When you get in touch with how God has wired you, life will become a pleasure and not a burden to you. God will not violate your likes and dislikes. He will work in line with how he has created you. And when we delight ourselves in Him, he gives us the desires of our heart. (Ps. 37:4)