I was in Myanmar a few weeks ago and they explained to me that they have three different seasons in their country. They have the rainy season, the summer season, and the hot season. And each season has it’s own challenges. As followers of Jesus, we all face different seasons in life, and we must remember that our God gives us His favor in every season.

Psalm 5:12 tells us, “For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; with favor you will surround him as with a shield.” Let’s expect the Lord to surround us with his favor today, no matter what we are facing. The word “favor” literally means, “to bend or stoop in kindness to another as a superior to an inferior.” Our God is stooping down and looking for ways to surround us with His favor and blessing because He sees us as righteous through Jesus Christ.

Joseph was thrown into a pit to die, but was rescued because of God’s favor. He was sold into slavery, but placed in command of Potiphar’s household because of God’s favor. He was falsely accused and thrown into prison, but was placed in charge of the prison because of God’s favor. And finally, in God’s perfect timing, Joseph became second in command of all of Egypt, all because of the favor of the Lord. So if you feel like you are in a pit, in a prison, or falsely accused, remember, God surrounds you today with his favor like a shield! Say with me, “Lord, I am righteous today through faith in Jesus Christ, and you surround me with favor like a shield!”