Children learning to ride a bicycle often need training wheels attached to their bikes to help them learn to keep their balance. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Training wheels help them learn.

The concept of training wheels also applies to other areas of life. The bible tells us, “The heir is subject to guardians and trustees until the time set by his father” (Gal. 4:2). In other words, even though the heir legally owns it all, he needs experienced persons to train him. Paul, who saw extraordinary miracles, told Timothy to take some wine for his stomach’s sake. Paul certainly believed in supernatural healing, but encouraged Timothy to take wine as medication. It was a type of training wheel until he experienced total healing. There was no shame in this.

God has called us all to experience His abundant life. In some areas of life, this happens instantly through prayer. But in other areas, it is a process and we need training wheels. It might be the training wheels of medication until we are totally healed. Or we may need to be closely mentored by someone with years of experience for a season until we master our responsibilities. Do not be afraid to use training wheels until you experience complete restoration and the fulfillment of your calling in God. Refuse shame and embrace the Lord today. You are taking steps ahead!