When we go through a rough season in life, let’s make sure we do not waste this season. Let me explain. You can experience a financial loss, and God will help you to turn it around. But there may be a lesson to be learned in the process. Any difficulty we are facing presently is just for a season. Learn all you can in your present season. Trust God. He knows what He is doing. Years ago in High School, I learned that sometimes I needed to go back and to take the same test again until I learned the lesson. Don’t waste your class in the Lord’s school, or you may have to go back and take the same test again.
Paul the apostle and his companions were on their way to Rome when they encountered rough weather. The ship was forced to dock at a harbor (Acts 27). Life seemed to stop for them. But eventually, the favorable winds began to blow again. They just needed to wait it out. The favorable winds will blow again for you. The Bible says, “Having done all, to stand!” (Eph. 6:13). Sometimes we need to just stand still until the winds of blessing begin to blow again. But be sure to look for God’s favor around you in the midst of the struggle. The Lord gave Paul favor in a tough season of his life. But he chose to stand. And the Lord blessed him and favored him. You are a favored by God, regardless of what you are presently experiencing. Just stand and trust God! Look for His favor. And don’t waste your season.