When we find ourselves in a difficult season, God’s plans for us have not changed. Character is developed in the pits and prisons of life.  In the life of Joseph, his time in the pit and the prison preceded his season of blessing and prosperity (Gen. 37-50). God’s plan for Joseph to be the second in command of all of Egypt never changed because his brothers threw him in a pit, or because he was placed in prison after being falsely accused. God was forging Joseph’s character in both the pit and the prison, preparing him for greater things. The greater the call on our lives, the more we need to experience a season of character building to become more like Christ. So if you find yourself in an incredibly difficult place, hold your head high, and know you are being prepared for amazing things in the future. Our focus needs to be on learning all we can today during this difficult season so we become more Christ-like.

Remember, God is still with you whether you find yourself in an emotional pit or feel as if you are trapped in a circumstantial prison. Regardless of your present situation, the reality is this: You are a son or daughter of the living God going through a season of preparation for some incredible things our God has planned for you in the future! Continue to learn all you can during this present season, and let’s watch what our God does through you in your next season. God has made everything beautiful in its time (Ecc. 3:11).