The world as we know it is now experiencing a “divine pause.” Our friends in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas and throughout the world are all experiencing varying degrees of shutdowns in their nations. If this is a difficult time for you, we pray you will experience much grace and healing and strength from the Lord as you press in to hear Him more clearly. If you are doing well during this change in your schedule, we pray you will press into the Lord to hear His voice with more clarity than you could ever imagine. The Lord is giving us His “divine pause” so we can grow and experience a deeper relationship with Him, and learn to rest in Him. He desires to reveal to each of us His divine insights and inspired ideas that we will carry into the next season of our lives! The time is now to press in to know our God more intimately than ever before, to hear his voice more clearly, and to make the most of every opportunity (Col. 4:5).