Have you ever heard of Mordecai Ham? He had a profound effect on the nations of the world. While Mordecai was preaching at a revival meeting in a tent in North Carolina, a young man came one evening and gave his life to Christ. That man’s name was Billy Graham. Every person who has come to know Jesus Christ through Billy Graham’s ministry over many years is a product of the obedience of a man named Mordecai Ham. D. L. Moody, more than a hundred years ago, was responsible for leading more than a million people to Jesus Christ. Yet the man who shared the gospel with Mr. Moody was a common, ordinary shoe salesman who made a decision to share Christ with the young boys in his Sunday School class. Moody was one of those boys. The Bible says the mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds, but grows to be a majestic tree (Matthew 13:31-32). As we are obedient to God in the “little things,” the Lord can multiply our small seed into a great spiritual harvest.