Next Monday, October 12, marks our 40th year since the first DOVE church was started with 25 believers near Brickerville, Pennsylvania. I am simply amazed at the grace and faithfulness of God! I was a young chicken farmer, who along with a small group of leaders, had received a call from God to start this new church for new believers who were not fitting into the churches of our community. We started a new wineskin (a new community of faith) for new wine (new believers in Christ). Jesus instructs us in Mark 2:22, “new wine is always poured into new wineskins” (TPT). Today, the DOVE family of churches includes more than one thousand churches in twenty-seven nations. Only God could do this. And if he can use us, He can use anyone! If you have received a vision from the Lord, trust Him to fulfill it. He will do it in His time. Refuse to quit. You can trust Him.