One evening, after putting his children to bed, a friend of mine was heading for the TV, but for some reason he picked up his Bible instead. He opened the Scriptures and read his psalm for the day. When he got to verse 5 of Psalm 30, “weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning,” he felt a very gentle touch telling him that something very horrible was about to happen, but it would end with joy, and he was not to fear. He immediately told his wife what he sensed and then went to bed wondering what could possibly be so bad. The next day, they had to take their three-year-old daughter to the hospital. She was complaining that her legs and back were sore and said she could not walk. Within an hour, she was diagnosed with cancer. She was immediately brought to the cancer ward and started on chemotherapy. Over the next few days, they learned that the chemo was not working, and their daughter was in serious trouble. They brought in the elders from their church to pray.

Within a couple of days, the condition reversed and the chemo did its work. Their daughter was soon back at home. Over the next three years, she endured various chemo treatments and faced many obstacles. But with every cancer-free year, her prognosis was increasingly more hopeful. Today, she is a beautiful young woman living a very abundant life. My friend told me, “It was that word from Scripture that kept us through many hard years of chemo treatments as we watched our little girl endure so much pain. The Lord’s promise from His Word spoke to us and sustained us during this difficult time.” God’s Word is powerful (Heb. 4:12). Expect it to bring life to you today!