Floyd McClung was a friend, a mentor, and a great blessing to my life. His love for Jesus and his passion to do his part in fulfilling the Great Commission was always evident when I was with him. When I was a young writer, he walked me through the process of working with publishers. I was privileged to co-write “Starting a House Church” with Floyd many years ago. When our team was led by the Lord to transition our mega-church into a global family of churches, I asked Floyd if he could recommend anyone who may be able to advise us. His answer was simple, “I will help you.” He became one of our spiritual advisors and helped us transition to become the DOVE International Family of Churches.
I last saw Floyd a few years ago in Cape Town, South Africa, and I shared with him our appreciation for all he has done for the growth of God’s Kingdom worldwide. He was only able to communicate back to me with eye contact. But now, he is free. And like King David, Floyd served God’s purpose in his own generation, and he fell asleep… (Acts 13:36). He now receives his eternal reward.
Our prayers and love go out to Floyd’s beloved wife Sally who was the co-founder of All Nations, to the McClung Family, and to the All Nations Global Family. Thank you for sharing your “gentle giant” with so many of us around the world. We are forever grateful that the Lord allowed us to experience the father heart of God through His servant Floyd.
– Larry Kreider