I have learned over many years that God desires to communicate with us. Sometimes we hear a voice within, but excuse it as our own thought. It may be God! Take that inner voice seriously. These divine “nudges” are one way He sends us His messages. God gives these impulses to guide and encourage us in our walk with Him. Some may pass these “still small voices” off as just coincidental, but after a while, God will confirm that some of these inner nudges are from Him. The Bible says, “The lamp of the Lord searches the spirit of a man; it searches out his inmost being” (Prov. 20:27). Your spirit is a light that the Lord has illuminated. He will throw its rays into the darkest recesses of the heart so that you will know how to distinguish right from wrong. You can trust this “Holy Ghost flashlight” to hear the Lord speaking to you. And I have found we often hear God speak when we are doing some activity like driving our car or taking a shower that has become automatic for us, because our minds are free to receive through our spirits the voice of the Holy Spirit. Expect the Lord to speak to you today.