Sometimes we can be so sure that something is God’s will for us, but God does not open the door because it is not the right timing. If you are experiencing this, it may be best to let the desire die. If it is really from God, He will resurrect it (bring it back to life) in the future when the timing is right. We have counseled countless young men and women who were sure the Lord had shown them the person they were to marry, but the other person wasn’t getting the same message. Our advice is to let the desire die for now, and if the Lord has really spoken it to you, it will happen sometime in the future. We all hear from God “in part” (1 Cor. 13:9) and must recognize that we do not always see the full picture. You may have been given the right direction from the Lord, but the timing is wrong as you try to fulfill it now. Remember Moses? He had the right vision from the Lord (deliver the Lord’s people from the slavery of the Egyptians). The only problem was he initially missed the timing of God (by 40 years!) when he killed an Egyptian. But God resurrected his plan for Moses 40 years later, and he fulfilled all he had in his heart in the timing of God! He will do the same for you!