Sometimes people confuse the grace of God with fatalism. Fatalism is the idea that we cannot change our circumstances despite what we do, so we just allow fate to take its course. Grace is God’s unmerited favor. Although we are totally dependent on the grace of God, it does not mean we sit passively and do nothing to utilize grace. Imagine yourself lying in the sunshine on a grassy hill on a warm summer’s day. A huge rock begins to roll down the hill towards you. Fatalism says, “There’s nothing I can do about it. Being crushed by this rock must be my destiny.” That is crazy! The grace of God says, “I do not have to just lie here and be crushed by a rock. I will accept and utilize the strength and grace God has given me, and I will get out of its way!”  God wants to give us more and more of His grace; to live victorious as Christians…he gives us more grace…(James 4:6). At every turn, God is offering grace to us!