A seminar designed to help you be the leader you were meant to be!

Author and leadership coach Larry Kreider published his book Passing the 21 Tests of Leadership. This is a valuable and inspiring work based on the leadership tests he has faced over the past 40 years, in both the business world and in the church. Now you can hear him first-hand in this new seminar with the same title.

Larry states, “There is a great need for leaders today who have been willing to be examined by the tests of life so they will endure during difficult times…. We don’t need more positions filled. We need leaders in all walks of life who will lead in humility and strength. This type of leader can only be developed by embracing, enduring, and passing the tests they will face.”

This seminar is a great resource for leaders in the family and business and those serving on leadership teams of churches, small groups, community organizations, and ministries.

Seminar focus

  • You will learn to know what the tests of effective leadership look like and how to prepare for them.
  • Practical biblical wisdom will be given on how we can pass each of the tests for effective leadership.
  • Your leadership skills will be sharpened as God continues to prepare you for present and future leadership!

Topics to choose from

  • Why God uses tests to train us to become effective leaders
  • The Calling Test
  • The Humility Test
  • The Teamwork Test
  • The Releasing Test
  • The Priorities Test
  • The Transition Test
  • The Criticism Test
  • The Dependency Test
  • The Conflict Test
  • The Vision Test
  • The Love Test
  • The Integrity Test
  • The Security Test
  • The Grace Test
  • The Expectations Test
  • The Finance Test
  • The Comparison Test
  • The Perseverance Test
  • The Success Test
  • The Timing Test
  • The Kingdom Test
    Where do I go from here?
    Discerning the place for me to start to see change.

Seminar manuals

Seminar manuals designed for easy note-taking are available.

For more information contact the DOVE office or call 717-627-1996.