Do you struggle to spend time daily in prayer?

In this seminar, we walk through twelve rooms of prayer and find how prayer is relational rather than a religious activity.

The disciples knew Jesus prayed to His Father daily with a distinct intimacy, and they wanted it too. “Lord, teach us to pray…” In response, Jesus gave them a master plan for daily prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, which is not just a prayer to say, but a way to pray.

This seminar develops a unique “house plan,” with each room corresponding to a part of the Lord’s Prayer, to help your prayer life to go from duty to joy. You may even experience an “extreme makeover” in the Spirit! The seminar is based on the book Building Your Personal House of Prayer.

Seminar focus

  • Use the Lord’s Prayer as a model to express the manner in which you are to pray as you walk through 12 rooms
  • Receive help to turn your personal prayer life from duty to joy
  • Learn from revivals in church history
  • Develop a prayer strategy for your daily personal time with God
  • Expect an extreme makeover in your prayer life!

Topics to choose from

  • Lord, Teach Us to Pray
  • Entering Into Our House of Prayer
  • The Family Room
  • The Adoration Room
  • The Declaration Room
  • The Surrender Room
  • The Provision Room
  • The Forgiveness Room
  • The Freedom Room
  • The Protection Room
  • The Warfare Room
  • The Kingdom Room
  • The Power Room
  • The Exaltation Room
  • Building Your Personal House of Prayer
  • Revive Us Again!
  • Let’s Get Started

Seminar manuals

Seminar manuals designed for easy note-taking are available.

For more details contact the DOVE office or call 717.627.1996.