I have never experienced a time in my life when more Christian’s opinions are swirling around trying to get everyone to agree with them. Opinions are like the nose on our face, we all have one. Romans 14:4 & 5 tells us, “Who are you to judge someone else’s servant? To their own master, servants [...]

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His joy is our strength!

Sometimes I’m tempted to feel like it’s okay to worry as we live in our present environment of uncertainty. But COVID-19 and the unrest in our nations has not taken God by surprise. He is still on the throne! He exhorts us to “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and … not worry about tomorrow, [...]

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Focus on the parallel path

How are you feeling during this global pandemic? Do you feel you’re a victim of circumstances? We certainly did not choose to walk this path. But if we look closely, there is another path that runs parallel to our present path. It is called the path of life. Let me explain. Trains run on two [...]

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A Divine Pause

The world as we know it is now experiencing a “divine pause.” Our friends in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas and throughout the world are all experiencing varying degrees of shutdowns in their nations. If this is a difficult time for you, we pray you will experience much grace and healing and strength from the [...]

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The underground church

Today, millions of believers worldwide experienced the underground church. Forty years ago, I heard the Lord say, “Are you willing to be involved in the underground church?” The underground church is the part of the church that meets in small groups in homes. The church in the book of Acts met underground, representative of the [...]

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