The underground church

Today, millions of believers worldwide experienced the underground church. Forty years ago, I heard the Lord say, “Are you willing to be involved in the underground church?” The underground church is the part of the church that meets in small groups in homes. The church in the book of Acts met underground, representative of the [...]

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The present global pandemic

As we live through the present global pandemic, now is the time for us to again refocus on four simple words: faith, wisdom, compassion, and gratitude. Let’s encourage one another to stand in faith in the protection of the Lord (Psalm 91). We receive grace to receive God’s wisdom to make wise commonsense choices (James [...]

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A great time for us to again refocus on New Testament Christianity

For the past 40 years, many of us have been teaching the importance of experiencing the underground church, in other words, believers gathering in homes, cell groups, small groups, house fellowships and micro churches. We saw the need for the church to experience the book of Acts, when the believers met from house to house [...]

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Comparing is not wise

It is so important to refuse to compare ourselves with others. Whenever I feel like I am doing better than others, I fall into pride. When I feel like I am doing worse than others, I end up with feelings of inferiority. When we compare ourselves to others, the scriptures tell us we are unwise [...]

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Thank You!

Do you remember the ten lepers Jesus healed? All of them were sick, and Jesus healed every one of them. But only one went back to say, “Thank you” (Luke 17:11-19). Let’s be the one who remembers to go back to say, "Thank you." On this Thanksgiving week, I want to say “Thank you” to you. Thank you for your [...]

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