God’s Favor

I was in Myanmar a few weeks ago and they explained to me that they have three different seasons in their country. They have the rainy season, the summer season, and the hot season. And each season has it’s own challenges. As followers of Jesus, we all face different seasons in life, and we must [...]

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Training Wheels

Children learning to ride a bicycle often need training wheels attached to their bikes to help them learn to keep their balance. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Training wheels help them learn. The concept of training wheels also applies to other areas of life. The bible tells us, “The heir is subject to [...]

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There is a new season coming for you

Life comes in seasons. And some seasons are very difficult. There can be seasons of pain and broken relationships, seasons of struggle and unemployment, and seasons of loneliness. Yet at other times, there are seasons of prosperity, seasons of blessing, seasons of healing, and seasons of healthy relationships. Good seasons come and go, as do [...]

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YOU were born for a purpose

You are God’s favorite child! Our God has many favorites, and he can do that, because He is God! YOU were born for a purpose, regardless of how you feel this week. Take one small step of faith today and watch the Lord open doors before you. Author Lysa Terkeust gives us this great advice, [...]

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