DOVE International Leadership Conference

DOVE International Leadership Conference

March 19-21, 2018 at Sandy Cove Conference Center, Maryland USA
They will proclaim my glory among the nations (Isaiah 66:19).

Conference attendees share their response to the event.

From Lynn Ironside, DOVE Canada Assistant Director

“The DOVE International Leadership Conference (ILC) was an exhilarating three days of reconnecting, recharging and discovering new opportunities.

Witnessing how the DOVE family, this year represented by twenty-two nations, clearly shares the same values and yet expresses such diverse applications of His ministries throughout the world really inspires me. Perhaps this was best evidenced during the time of worship at this year’s conference when a team of musicians representing four continents led us as we glorified God. There was a remarkable cohesiveness amongst the musicians. And when they invited us to sing to the Lord in our own languages, I sensed a very powerful single voice rising in unity to proclaim His glory among the nations.

The apostolic council’s commissioning ceremony for Merle and Cheree Shenk, Craig and Tracie Nanna and LaVerne Kreider was a true declaration of the progress evident within DOVE International. As a woman in leadership, it is extremely encouraging to see other women of God being affirmed in their calling by the apostolic leaders of DOVE International.”

From Lyubomira Lyubenova, DOVE Sofia, Bulgaria

“This was my first time at the DOVE International Leadership Conference (ILC), and I have experienced being among my spiritual family. I felt a strong ‘family spirit’ and experienced many divine connections. I really love the father’s heart in Larry and LaVerne Kreider. You feel at home around them.

Being part of a global family is a unique privilege. I had the feeling that I already knew everybody! And the happiness is not for me alone. All the churches that we have planted were ‘there’ with me, virtually, during this divine experience!”

From Steve and Mary Prokopchak, International Apostolic Council team members

“We love the international family feel of the DOVE International Leadership Conference (ILC). We are so pleased to continue to see many next generation leaders among us. The highlight for us this year was the many DOVE Talks. We enjoyed the variety, the truths, the candor, the humor and the differing styles of sharing short but power-packed messages. God truly met us and answered many of the International Apostolic Council’s prayers for a time of honoring our Lord together at a great facility, Sandy Cove.”

From Marion Smucker, DOVE Missions international Missionary, South Africa

“It was wonderful to be at the DOVE International Leadership Conference (ILC) and hear different stories and testimonies from people across the globe. I really enjoyed Robert Henderson’s teaching on how to present our case in the heavenly court. The way he taught on prayer was totally new and an eye-opener for me. The worship was absolutely anointed and caused me think of how awesome and creative our God is. There were many different tongues and expressions and sounds. My tank is full and I am excited to go back to our home country and share with our team the impact this conference has had in our lives.”

From George Ochieng, DOVE Pastor in Nairobi, Kenya

“The International Leadership Conference was a great blessing to my life. It expanded my image of God’s family. I appreciated the genuineness yet simplicity of hearts. God’s love was so evident in all of my interactions. I learned a lot from the teachings and gained many insights through observing and hearing examples of what God is doing around the world. I thank God for the opportunity to attend this conference.”

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