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Session 1a:  Craig Nanna

Session 1b:  Merle Shenk

Session 2:  Larry and LaVerne Kreider

Session 3 DOVE Talk:  Justin Shrum

Session 3 DOVE Talk:  Diane Omondi

Session 3 DOVE Talk:  Kevin Kazemi

Session 3 DOVE Talk: Sammie Nalla

Session 4:  Robert Henderson

Session 5 DOVE Talk:  Wes Dudley

Session 5 DOVE Talk:  Danail Tanev

Session 5 DOVE Talk:  Hesbone Odindo

Session 5 DOVE Talk:  Kellie Martin

Session 6:  Robert Henderson

Session 7:  Robert Henderson


(video unavailable)

Tuesday Senior Elders Meeting

Audio from the conference here