Discovering God’s plan to finance the Great Commission

Practical teaching and application!

This practical seminar is designed to teach a biblical understanding of God as El Shaddai, “The God of more than enough.” Participants will be encouraged to identify poverty concepts in their thinking and finances so they can be replaced with more biblical, prosperous thoughts. Bring a pencil, paper, your financial records, and an open heart to learn the many practical things you can do to develop a prosperous soul. As your soul prospers, you will prosper. This seminar can be for a whole day, or it can be for a few hours depending on the need. You can choose the topics that you feel are needed most. Training includes the option of discussion and personal ministry.

Designed for

  • Those who want to give more to the Kingdom of God.
  • Those who feel like they can never get ahead financially
  • Small groups who want to see financial breakthroughs for members
  • Pastors and leaders who want to see their church members prosper
  • Those who want to coach others out of financial crisis

You will learn

  • God’s plan to finance the Great Commission
  • A revelation of God as El Shaddai
  • How money is a tool
  • The importance of knowing your net worth
  • How to defeat materialism
  • 21 ways to develop a prosperous soul
  • How to develop a long-term plan for experiencing God’s blessings

Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. III John 2

Topics to choose from

  • Isn’t It More Spiritual to Be Poor?
  • It Takes Money to Do Things for God
  • To Prosper Is a Good and Godly Desire
  • Meet…The God of More than Enough
  • There Is More!
  • Holy Spirit – Teach Me to Prosper
  • Do You Have a Christian Worldview?
  • How God Advances Us
  • Does God Help Those Who Help Themselves?
  • God’s Economy
  • Giving Defeats Materialism
  • What About Budgeting?
  • How to Calculate Your Net Worth
  • Jacob Had a Financial Plan
  • Let’s Get Brutally Honest
  • Hot Tips for Investing
  • Acres of Diamonds
  • Your City Can Prosper Too
  • Don’t Deny Reality – Change It
  • Live Long and Prosper

One-Day Schedule

8:00 AM Registration and coffee

8:30 Session 1 Prosperity with a Purpose
Application exercise

Session 2 Teach Me to Prosper
Small Groups/Prayer Time

Session 3 Developing a Prosperous Soul
Application exercise


Session 4 More Ways to Develop a Prosperous Soul
Application exercise

Session 5 Your Net Worth
Net Worth worksheet

12:00 Lunch

1:00 PM Session 6 Developing a Financial Plan
Financial Plan Worksheet

Session 7 God’s Economy

3:30 Seminar Close – Prayer of Commissioning

Seminar manuals

Seminar manuals designed for easy note-taking are available.

For more information contact the DOVE office or call 717-627-1996.