Module III objectives

This module emphasizes training for practical ministry. It will be especially helpful for those who have had no formal training for ministry and want to see the kingdom of God expand into all areas of society. As a student you will be:

  • Learning how to minister the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  • Developing an understanding of the Holy Spirit’s work and the spirit world.
  • Learning how the Kingdom of God can expand into all areas of society.
  • Gaining an appreciation for releasing believers as ministers in to the marketplace.
  • Understanding how vision is developed and shared with others.
  • Learning about the Bible and how to interpret it properly.
  • Discovering tangible proofs for the Biblical worldview and Christianity.
  • Developing teaching skills for small groups and sermon preparation for large groups.
  • Developing an appreciation of church history and the lessons to be learned.
  • Building a passion for missions and reaching the Muslim nations of the world.
  • Discerning the importance of intercession and learning how to build intercession teams.
  • Learning how to prepare pre/post marital counselors to assist engaged couples.
  • Understanding Biblical Prosperity and God’s plan to finance the great commission.

Class Topic Listing

  1. Staying Desperate for God – Larry Kreider
  2. Baptism of the Holy Spirit – Larry Kreider
  3. Moving in Spiritual Dimensions – Dennis DeGrasse
  4. How to be Spirit-Led – Harold Eberle
  5. Fasting and Prayer – Brian Sauder
  6. The Inevitability of Revival & Reformation – Harold Eberle
  7. Spiritual Realities – Harold Eberle
  8. Prophetic Ministries – David Reddish
  9. The Church in the Workplace – C. Peter Wagner
  10. Market Place Ministry – Keith Yoder
  11. Influencing Governments – Ibrahim Omondi
  12. Leadership – Keith Yoder
  13. Developing Vision and Making it Practical I – Don Jacobs
  14. Developing Vision and Making it Practical II – Don Jacobs
  15. Birthing a Vision – Sam Smucker
  16. Fulfilling Your Dreams – Glen Eshelman
  17. Bible Sciences and Bible Translations – Brian Sauder
  18. Interpreting the Scriptures I (Hermeneutics) – Brian Sauder
  19. Interpreting the Scriptures II – Brian Sauder
  20. Preaching Skills I (Homiletics) – Scott Walsh
  21. Preaching Skills II (Homiletics) – Scott Walsh
  22. Greek vs. Hebrew Worldview – Brian Sauder
  23. Defense of Christianity I (Apologetics) – Brian Sauder
  24. Defense of Christianity II – Brian Sauder
  25. Overview of Church History – Harold Eberle
  26. Church History I – Dan Juster
  27. Church History II – Dan Juster
  28. Church History III –  Dan Juster
  29. Church History IV – Dan Juster
  30. History of Missions – Peter Bunton
  31. Eternity in Their Hearts I – Steve Shank
  32. Eternity in Their Hearts II – Steve Shank
  33. Understanding Islam – David Shenk
  34. Reaching Muslims – David Shenk
  35. Spiritual Gifts Survey – Brian Sauder
  36. The Gift of Intercession – C. Peter Wagner
  37. Intercession for Christian Leadership – C. Peter Wagner
  38. Discipline and Restoration – Larry Kreider
  39. Pre/Postmarital Counseling I – Steve Prokopchak
  40. Pre/Postmarital Counseling II – Steve Prokopchak
  41. Husband/Wife Team Ministry – Larry & LaVerne Kreider
  42. Financing the Great Commission – Brian Sauder
  43. Developing a Prosperous Soul I – Brian Sauder
  44. Developing a Prosperous Soul II – Brian Sauder
  45. Dig Your Well Again – Larry Kreider

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