In today’s episode, Aaron and Emily House share about their non-profit theatre ministry, Piercing Word, which uses scripture from the ESV Bible to help people engage with the Word of God. Listen as they describe their leadership journey as individuals and as a couple as well as their tips and tricks for learning and memorizing scripture.

Aaron House is the founder and executive director of Piercing Word. His wife, Emily, became involved with the ministry in 2011 and now serves on the board of directors. They have three children and reside in Akron, Pennsylvania.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “God has made me an unconventional minister in His Word.”
  • “Grumbling and complaining cannot exist where there is praise and thanksgiving.”
  • “Because I was able to submit to authority with respect, the Lord has put me in authority.”
  • “It’s more than a job. It’s a ministry.”
  • “See it, say it, do it.”


  • When building a team, look for those with different personalities and opposite strengths than you.
  • Things will not happen overnight.
  • Make sure your teammates are healthy individually.
  • There are different seasons in leadership.

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