Bill and Val Landis make their second appearance on the podcast to share more of their valuable leadership insights. Listen as they explain how to have a successful cross-cultural team, the value in finding the redemptive gift of each nation you serve, and how you cannot always defend yourself as a leader.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “The people I am leading are my teachers now.”
  • “We need different cultures.”
  • “All vision is given for a group to fulfill.”
  • “It takes faith to rest.”


  • You will feel alone at times throughout your leadership journey.
  • Matthew 18
  • Be an intentional listener and validate your team.
  • There are times when we should ask questions, and there are times when we simply need to obey.
  • Create a team where each member can utilize their giftings.
  • Communicate your expectations early on when creating a team.
  • Make time for moments of reflection and sabbath.
  • Acknowledge and process your hurts and traumas because they will affect your leadership.
  • You can have more than one spiritual father and mother.
  • God trusts us and gives us responsibility a little at a time.
  • Be faithful to what God has called you to.

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