In what role do you best function?

Brian Sauder, director of the DOVE Global Leadership & Ministry School, joins Larry Kreider in the studio to share insights from Bobb Biehl’s Team Profile and examples of these principles found in the Bible. Brian explains the honor word for each of the five phases and how understanding your team’s role preferences can promote peace and reduce burnout and turnover.

The Five Phases:

  1. Designer – Thinks it
  2. Designer/Developer –  Tries it
  3. Developer – Sets goals
  4. Developer/Stabilizer – Problem solver
  5. Stabilizer – Problem solver

The Three Levels:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Strong Player

Quotable Quotes:

  • “Everybody in the Body of Christ is called to minister.”
  • “It’s all about getting the round peg into the round hole.”


  • Ephesians 4
  • Nehemiah 2; 3; 4
  • Judges 6; 7
  • There is great power in learning together as a team.
  • Your level can change from setting to setting.

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